Devon Rider

Age 16

Very driven by his dream, Devon is determined not to let anyone get between him and his music. He has a deep love of Rock and is devoted to his band! …buuuut he’s really not that cool, aaaand doesn’t have a band…Yet! He’s rejected by many of his classmates for his mutant-red hair, but he’s too laid back to mind. He’s uncomfortably tall and rather clumsy, but he’s pretty big hearted and tries his best to be a good brother.

Travis Foley

Age 16

Jolly, optimistic, and goofy, Travis tries not to let too much get him down. He lost his eye in a childhood accident that he doesn’t talk about. He lives with Devon to avoid his abusive parents, and actually has a habit of preferring to deal with other people’s problems over his own. He’s been best friends with Devon since elementary school. He’s addicted to orange tic tacs.

Abby (Abigale) Flint

Age 16

A very intelligent girl with her act really well put together that somehow became friends with Devon and Travis at the start of high school. She’s looking into elite colleges, and although small, oddly intimidating. Most students know not to mess with her. She’s very independent and can be stubborn, but she really looks out for Devon and Travis. Also, she really loves cats.

Dominic Zegmitan

Age 16

A cold, but smart classmate of Devon’s. He’s at the top of their class and is actually a friend of Abby’s. But he doesn’t seem to like Devon or Travis very much, or anyone else for that matter. He’s a pretty closed off kid. He has a dead older brother and claims his hair will be all white by the time he’s 18.

Nimai Ahmed

Age 16

A young inventor and classmate, she moved to America from India with her family when she was very young and lost her arm in an accident a few years back. She’s very smart when it comes to engineering, though she didn’t have anything to do with the making of her arm. She’s also Abby’s girlfriend.

Marris ???

Age ???

A mellow Alpha stationed at Devon’s school, in charge of discipline. His bark is worse than his bite, and he seems to look out for Devon and his friends a lot. He’s certainly more sociable than most Alphas and has a genuine curiosity for human culture. A gentle coyote.

Connor Connor

Age 16

Devon’s Childhood bully, who still tries his best to be intimidating… but isn’t anymore. He’s actually too goofy and too nice of a guy to be a bully anymore. Hopefully he’ll figure that out soon. He’s the kind of guy you might spot outside of school feeding birds at the park… So you’ll hide and never bring it up again or he’ll punch you.

Thomas Rider

Age 40

Born in Ireland, moved to America with his uncle (adopted guardian) at the age of 4. Works as a freelance investigator (Private Detective) specializing in missing person cases. He’s a very sappy and corny romantic. Confessed his love to Maria in high school.

Maria Rider

Age 40

Born in Mexico, moved to America with her parents at the age of 8. She and her children are bilingual. Works as an occupational therapist. She’s a sucker for for sappy romance, and has a weakness for cute things. Married her high school sweetheart.

Kristian Rider

Age 14

The second of the Rider children, and also the most mature. She tries to look at situations seriously, and tends to get sassy when unhappy. She honestly deeply loves everyone in her family, though she can’t let them know it!

Jamie Rider

Age 11

Rather introverted and mellow, they tend not to interject in other’s business very much. But when they do, there’s a 50/50 chance it’s either very helpful insightful wisdom and advice… or a sassy smart ass joke or comment.

Maxie (Max) Rider

Age 3

The youngest of the Rider siblings, not too much is known about him yet. Other than that he really loves his brother Devon, and is a very friendly child. He rarely cries and isn’t afraid of much.